Tenant Finder Services

Our Tenant Finder Service is a great alternative for those that want to manage their property, but need assistance finding tenants, screening applicants, and negotiating lease terms.

We Lease, You Manage


1) Stay in control – As the owner, you stay in charge. We’ll bring you, qualified applicants, handle advertising, and get your unit occupied quickly.

2) Save money – Every day your property goes tenant-less is money out of your pocket. We talk to hundreds of tenants every month, and we’ll bring them to you.

3) Get qualified tenants – A prospective tenant may seem great, but you can’t select renters on instinct alone. We’re here to help with due diligence, such as credit and background checks.

4) We handle the exposure – It’s a pain to take photos, edit them, get property details, make copy and fliers, and then distribute that to the wider public. At Rent Ruby®, we’re here to make your life easier by handling the marketing ourselves.

Full Service Lease Up
6%min. $995
  • Professional Photos
  • MLS Listing Syndication
  • Property Tours
  • Tenant Screening
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Premium Support