Rental Referrals

Know someone looking to lease, buy or sell a Rental Property?
Refer them to Rent Ruby® and get up to a 35% referral fee!

How Our Rental Referral Program Works

1. Refer an Owner or Tenant To Rent Ruby®

We make it easy to refer your friends and clients to us. Simply fill out the form above with your client’s contact details.

2. We’ll Reach Out instantly

We’ll send your referral an email letting them know you referred them; then we’ll call your referral within 24 hours to review our property management and leasing options with them.

3. Receive a Referral Commission

For every client who signs a property management contract or lease with us, we’ll pay you 35% of the first month’s management or leasing/sale commissions received.

Why Realtors Should Refer Clients to Us?

You’ll Never Lose a Customer To Us

If you refer your client to Rent Ruby for Property Management and they decide to sell anytime in the future, we’ll refer them back to you OR pay you a 35% referral fee when they sell!

Remove Liability and Risk

Property Management is very different from real estate sales. If you’re not familiar with the unique challenges of property management, including complicated subjects like renters rights and new changing rental laws, referring your clients to Rent Ruby can save you from potential audit and legal risks.

We Love Referring Clients back to our partners!

In fact, our company network has referred over 100,000 Buyers and Sellers to agents across the country! Since we’re focused on Property Management and Travel Services, we’d prefer to stick to what we do best and let you do the same. Scratch our Property Managers back and we’ll funnel clients back to you.