4 Tips for Marketing A Luxury Vacation Home Rental Online


Tip #1 — Create A Refined Experience for the Traveler

Discerning travelers that rent luxury villas or vacation rentals demand a refined experience. This means ensuring that the interior and exterior spaces are to a five-star standard. People that enjoy luxury travel will notice the small details. Scuffs on the walls or used-and-abused furniture, and things of that nature, just won’t fly. Imagine yourself renting this home. How would you feel after a long flight, coming in to see something that might not have been accurately depicted in photos or videos of the space? Create high-end interiors and exteriors with beautiful furnishings and ensure that the property is renovated and up to date. Include for the best cable package and the highest-speed internet service.

Tip #2 — Create A High-Quality Guest’s Manual For Your Property

You want to make sure that all of your bases are covered so ensure that you have a user’s guide for your property. Outline everything in a step-by-step fashion. Let them know about things like the internet access code, the days that trash is picked up and so on. You should also include details that have to do with things outside of the home including good restaurants, places to see and other fun activities that the guest might enjoy, and be sure to cover all your bases because not all guests are the same.

Tip #3 — Verify Everything Is In Working Order

Does everything in the home work? Do you have a checklist for inventory? Not only do you need to check this before you have your first guests come through, but you need to create a checklist for turning over the property after each rental. Check the air conditioning to ensure that it’s working. How about all the windows and doors? All of these details matter when marketing a luxury vacation rental. These are just a few things that need to be checked, but make sure everything is in perfect working condition for your guests.

Tip #4 — Use a Dedicated Website With Real-Time Availability

Clearly, you need a website. You should also consider starting a blog as part of that site. You will also need real-time availability of your space. People don’t want to have to guess. And, when you create your website, it needs to be high-end. Hire a professional to do this and don’t try to do it on your own. There are many sites out there that you can use to manage your rentals to get the perfect guests to stay in your home but Rent Ruby’s luxury property management offers unmatched service and is perfect to cover all of your bases.